ITE Management is an investment firm targeting industrial and transportation assets and companies, and related industries and services with a critical focus on investments that generate current cash. ITE Management’s investment strategies focus on broad macro-economic themes.  The principals of ITE Management are seasoned industry professionals in investments, investment management, banking and manufacturing and leasing with an average of over 25 years of experience.


ITE Management exists to provide measurable value to our Investors, our Team, and our Community. Measurable value is created primarily through trust.  We build that trust through an exceptional level of transparency and willingness to embrace the truth under every circumstance.  Free debate, dissent, acknowledgement of our mistakes and things we do not know are essential to maintaining our integrity. 


We require responsibility for each other’s actions.  Decisions are made based on the long term success of the business. We aspire to make good long run decisions rather than expedient ones.